Download System Components
# Component Name Description  Status
1 Complete System Zip file containing (1) the Form Designer, (2) Form Reader, (3) Form Processor, (4) all Workflow System components, and 308-page manual in PDF format.  15-Day Trial
2 Form Reader The Form Reader enables users to view, complete, and return their forms. This product is absolutely free, and there is no charge for being able to press the SAVE button. Runs on all versions of Windows since Windows 2000. FREE
3 Form Designer Use to make Returnable Forms. Easy to use -- the level of difficulty is comparable to that of making a PowerPoint (TM) document. Still intimidated? Click here to see a data-ready form built from scratch in 8 1/2 minutes.  15-Day Trial
4 Form Processor Used to extract data from a Returnable Form and put it into an MS-Access database file. Builds database and tables on the fly. No database programming knowledge is required. Honest. Take a look. It also exports output to Excel, and Access is not required.  15-Day Trial
5 Workflow System Made for heavy-duty form processing. Routes forms from station to station. Puts form data into SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and MS-Access. Builds an ASP database front-end to manage the data once it enters the database.

This zip package contains setup programs for the Console, the Service, and the Form Mail Client. The Service is made to run on a server, and the Console, which programs it, can work either on that server or a workstation that can reach it on your local area network.

15-Day Trial
  Generic Resume System This system has two parts:  
1   ---- The Generic Resume Form. This is what your employees or candidates will complete. It is a standard Returnable Form, and it can be read in the Form Reader. If your expected audience already has the Form Reader installed on their workstations, then download the form only. However, if your expected audience does not have the Form Reader installed, then download this package with both the Form Reader and the Generic Resume form. ALL FREE
2 Reporting Tool ---- The Generic Resume Reporting Tool extracts data from Generic Resume forms and loads them into a built-in database where you can view the data through queries, reports, and graphs. The Reporting Tool, as downloaded, saves its data in an MS-Access database file, although MS-Access is not required. Using other database systems, such as SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL, requires the purchase of a special key code after the application has been installed. FREE

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