Workflow System

Server-Side Scripting for Form Submissions

You can build a script around every instance when a form is submitted, or returned to the server.  A script example follows:

The list of available commands includes:

1.   Branch to another step
2.   Copy the form into a directory
3.   Delete the form
4.   Merge Data into a Form
5.   Move the form into an Archive
6.   Move the form into a directory
7.   Preserve the form's latest version in a database
8.   Print the form
9.   Put the form's data into the database
10.    Render the form's data in XML
11.    Reset the form's return number
12.    Run a custom database function
13.    Send an email message
14.    Start an asynchronous application
15.    Start another application and wait
16.    Transmit the form via FTP
17.    Transfer the form with FormMail

All actions can be taken automatically or in response to the existence of certain conditions, such as the passing of a deadline or the answer to a certain question on the form.

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